About Me!

Take a dive into the ocean of my stories, since I started this journey...

Sabin Adhikari

I am a motivated person, career-focused and devoted player. I home a soul within that is totally devoted to honesty, the ethical side of living, truthfulness, trustworthiness, self-control. I believe that, if you are genuinely fascinated to embrace your dream, and if you dedicate your time and wisdom to it, it will set you apart, and let you achieve what you aspire to. I always seek the innovative and perceptive side of myself. I am open-minded but sometimes get fueled by a fierce passion of jealousy that drives me to success. I embrace that intensity and apply it to seek to improve the world.

I am a high school diploma graduate from Nepal, with a love of science and technology. My love of technology arose ever since my dad bought me a laptop when I was a toddler, with eyes to crack-open everything to quench the thirst of my curiosity. The nostalgia of my excitement still flashes in my mind to date, which is what makes me so passionate about technology, that leads me to choose Bachelor of Information Technology as my career path. Also, I excel at website design and development. I have been a web-designer at one of the leading web-service providers in Pokhara, Nepal, named Afno Software (part of AfnoStore, Inc.).

Younger Years

4-6 years


Work in Progress

15-18 years


Pursuing the Future

19-20 years